If you use your website, you should know exactly what is going on. If something happens, it will be you who has done it and you will know what, when and why.

But what happens when your website grows? When did you start working with writers and editors? What if you start receiving user submissions?

Who keeps track of everything that happens at that moment?

This is where WordPress activity plugins come into play. They provide an overview of the periodic history of what changes have been made, when and by whom.

When you are not in control of everything that happens on your website, these plugins can help.

That’s what it means today.

We picked up the high-performance WordPress plugins and compared them to favorites.


What are work logs?
Work logs are also known as test logs, security logs or work logs. They are a record of all changes that take place on a website.

Since WordPress is a database-driven content management system, all changes are incorporated into that database so that it can track what is happening. That means there is a record of everything that happened on your website at any given time.

The log will include the unique event ID, date and time, user and role and details of the changes. Depending on the type of log, there may be a user’s IP address, a custom event type (blog posts updated, image changes, etc.), and details of an item changed on a page, post, public comment or more.

The biggest challenge is reaching those logs. The default WordPress login tool is never easy to use. This is where the WordPress log plugins come into their own.


Why Do You Need Login Function and Tracking plugin?
WordPress Plugins Work Logs
WordPress plugins for work are useful if you are using a membership website, they are constantly attacked by hackers or if your website continues to deviate and you do not know why.

If you are the only person with access to your website, you do not need the WP security log plugin.

If you allow others to access your website, you do. It doesn’t matter if they are friends, family, employees, freelancers or people you trust. You need to know what’s going on with your website.

That’s even more true if you allow user submissions, account profiles and other changes made by the general public!

Log and Troubleshooting files
If you experience WordPress, theme or plugin errors, log files are very important. They are used throughout the IT industry to help guide us in identifying and correcting errors.

WordPress and its themes and many plugins are very reliable but errors can occur. No bugs can be introduced, different plugins can cause compatibility issues and any changes we make to these products can cause all sorts of problems.

If you find yourself repeatedly trying to identify and correct bugs or bugs, log files can be very helpful. You can literally save hours, if not days from problem solving and backing up if you have log files.

WordPress Log files
WordPress has a log tracker built into Debug Mode. It is not automatically enabled and is not exactly usable.

It offers many different logs for monitoring WordPress theme and can provide an amazing understanding of how your installation works.

It will not track users, content, media, plugins, WooCommerce or any other website activity yet.

That’s why we do not recommend using it and why we recommend these specific plugins instead.

Reasons Why You Should Keep Tracking User Activity
WordPress activity has entered the dashboard
Here are some basic reasons why you should use the WordPress log plugin.

Improve Site Security
WordPress task logs may show failed login attempts, system changes, system setup changes, or any other plugins and user account changes. Everything can contribute to the overall security of your website.

Failed login attempts are especially helpful if your existing security solution does not follow through. You can see standard login attempts and close the IP address or take other steps.

Changes to system settings, plugins or background changes can also be tracked and addressed immediately.

It ensures Accountability
Users who are aware of changes to website logs know that they will be held accountable and should behave appropriately. Prevention is always better than cure!

Many logs for WordPress activity show user, time, changes made and a different identifier. All assistance forms an audit trail that identifies who made the change and when.

This is proof of use but you need to use it.

Finding Errors Problems
Many website problems are the result of some kind of change. If a website works well for one minute and does not do the next, logs are where you go to find out what has changed, when and why.

They are an integral part of all problem solving and can save detectives’ working hours trying to figure out what went wrong.

Monitoring the Work of Published Posts
Changes in content can be helpful to see if your content plan is being maintained, whether providers submit on time or meet their KPIs.

You can also check to see when the content was last updated to perform the update.

Easy Creation Report for Managers and Customers
If you manage websites on behalf of a customer or company, the WordPress function logs can show that you are doing your job, that you have done the work you said you would do and that you are meeting your obligations.

It’s hard to argue with the data and if these logs are part of the reporting, you have evidence to support any claims you make.

Maintain Control Standards
If you work within a regulated industry or work with data related to regulated industries, log files can be a test method to help maintain compliance.

The use of a niche for WordPress function logs however can be important if you are working within a controlled environment.

The best Log and Tracking plugins for WordPress
Now we have a good idea of ​​what the WordPress function logs are and why we should all use them. Now let’s take a look at plugins.

1. Sucuri
Sucuri home page
Sucuri is a WordPress security plugin with login as one of its key features. It is a premium plugin that helps remove malware, fix SEO and blacklist status, protect against hack attempts, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, zero day exploits and power attacks.

Sucuri is a highly regarded security plugin that monitors your website for changes, hacking efforts, login attempts, user sessions, content changes and anything else you may need.

Signing in is just a small part of what Sucuri can do!

The beauty of Sucuri:

The perfect WordPress security environment
It protects from external and internal attacks
Firewall and DDoS protection
Full site sign-in
Malware Removal
Sucuri Buyer:

It’s expensive
Price of Sucuri
Sucuri costs range from $ 199.99 per year.

Sucuri view
Sucuri is very good at what it does and has more than just following a job. The number of features and the price makes it ideal for those looking for a complete security solution rather than simply tracking sign-in.

Get started with Sucuri
2. WP Activity Log
WP Activity Log Log WordPress plugin
WP Activity Log was commonly referred to as WP Security Audit Log and is a dedicated login plugin. It helps to track users, change logs, can track changes to other plugins like WooCommerce and provide tracking of everything that happens on your website.

The premium version of WP Activity Log can also send SMS or email alerts for events, log in to inactive users, integrate with Slack, provide logs without avoiding interruptions and many other useful features.

This is great